Bahamas Resorts and Hotels

There is no dearth of hotels and resorts in the region and you will find that the word ‘budget’ has no meaning in the Bahamas. There are a range of five star hotels and casinos which are usually very expensive. You can expect to spend anywhere between $100 and $500 per night for a room in the Bahamas. The noteworthy luxury resorts in the Bahamas are usually located at either Nassau or Providence. The offbeat islands may possess a resort or two. Places such as Eleuthra do not have many hotels despite occupying vast expanses of land. Except for the tourist region, the Bahamas remains undeveloped. Grand Isle Resort and Spa, St Francis Resort and Shannas Cove Resort are some of the popular options.

Since you are invariably going to spend a lot of money on accommodation you might as well opt for a good resort. Some of the lesser known hotels in the region offer good facilities but they might not have websites and online information. One can land in the country and then search for budget options as well. However, ensure that you make a booking at some hotel for at least a couple of nights before you arrive. If you are travelling during the off season then you can expect to get discounted rates and most of the luxury hotels in the Bahamas slash their rates during this period as well. You might also be able to opt for weekly packages or something similar during the off season.

Grand Isle Resort

The hotel offers a comprehensive stay option for its guests and the facilities at the place are world class. Guests can indulge in a range of activities and make use of the best amenities available in the region. The hotel is ideal for both bachelors and families. However, it is known as a haven for newlyweds and couples who are looking for a romantic holiday. The rooms are the hotel is well equipped with all the modern facilities which are required to make your stay worthwhile. The villas are sea facing and guests are treated to gorgeous views of the beach and blue waters. One can expect air conditioning, bath tubs, private showers, Jacuzzis, coffee makers, satellite televisions and so on in the room. The hotel is spread over a huge area and thus guests are offered the comfort of a golf cart. These can be parked outside the villas and used to get around the place. They can be driven by anyone above the age of 21. However, proof of age must be furnished on request.

The Pallapa Bar and Grill is the main restaurant at the hotel and it offers a glimpse of real Caribbean food. One can expect the use of fresh tropical fruits in the variety of local dishes which are available. The bar is also well stocked with liquor from around the world. The Exuma Blue is a homemade cocktail of the bar.

Shannas Cove Resort

The Shannas Cove Resort is located in one of the most secluded beaches in the region. The beach resort is known for its world class facilities and the secluded spot makes it an ideal getaway. The place is ideal for people who are on their honeymoon. Most of the rooms are sea facing and they provide fantastic views of the beach. You can wake up to an exquisite smell of fresh flowers and sea salt if you keep your windows open. The villas have a balcony facing the sea where you can relax and sip a beer or two as well. The terrace restaurant is a perfect place to spend the evening and you can catch a glimpse of the sunset from here.

St Francis Resort

The resort is located on a five mile strip of sand and offers excellent facilities. The fresh, airy and naturally lit rooms are ideal for relaxing. The hotel is located on the island of Great Exuma and offers facilities such as kayaking, trekking, fishing, snorkeling, and diving and water sports. You can hire a sail boat and take it to any one of the beaches in the region. The hotel will arrange a picnic lunch for this purpose as well. The in house dining options are quite good and you can sample of the local sea food delicacies at the hotel.

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