Antigua and Barbuda Foods and Culture

Principally based on Creole culture, the Antigua and Barbuda foods and culture mirror this derivation. Tourists are in for a treat when they visit this place and eat something. This is because of the variety in cuisine and food delicacies offered here. Carnivals, cricket matches, parties, nightlife, festivals, water sports, food festivals, visiting a museum, festive peasants and contests and other celebrations offer endless entertainment, enjoyment and merry-making opportunities in this twin island country.

Food & Drinks

Vegetables and fruits available on this island have their unique consistency and taste. Fungee, a delicacy prepared from okra pudding and cornmeal is the Antigua’s national dish. Pepperpot stew is served with it. Besides these, the locales also prefer having seasoned rice, lobster from Barbuda, ducana and saltfish. Certain local confectioneries you get here are raspberry, peanut brittle, fudge, tamarind stew and sugarcake. Green figs (bananas), goat water, black pineapple and cockles etc. are other favorite foods here. Cuisines of Guyana, Jamaica and different Caribbean nations have found place in the Antigua and Barbuda cuisine. Foodie tourists are in for a treat with fresh fruits, sea foods and multi-cuisine lip-smacking delicacies are available at various eateries, hotels and restaurants at Antigua and Barbuda. European and American cuisines will activate your taste buds. Raspberry juice, lemonade, hibiscus juice, mauby, tamarind juice, ginger beer, seamoss, mango juice, coconut milk, guava juice, soursop juice and passion fruit juice are the local drinks served here. Rum, beer and malt are some of the alcoholic drinks prevalent in the country.


Antigua and Barbuda culture is based on rich African heritage. This is mixed with a hint of Colonialism. These two are the factors that make the culture here a vibrant and vivid that is capable of enchanting and mesmerizing the tourists. With feelings as a base, carnival, celebrations, cricket, food and rum all are attached to it (the feelings). This spells out a fact that for a people of this country, religion and family are the two most important things in their life. Besides cricket, surfing, football and boat racing are the sports widely played over the country. The Antigua carnival is organized in St. John the capital city, every year in the end of July month and stretches on to August. Its major attractions are festive pageants, contests, shows and other events. Tourists make it a point to attend this carnival and witness these mesmerizing events. And, this is why this carnival is popular all over among the tourists. Soca music and calypso originate from this rich cultured country and have become famous all over the globe. In case, you wish to know about the country’s culture in detail, you can visit Museum of Antigua and Barbuda. There is a library in this museum where you can scan the literatures and know about the country’s rich and varied history. Just like the carnival in Antigua, Carabina is a festive celebration in Barbuda.  Both carnival and carabina are festive celebrations organized in summer. Both of these events last for more than seven days. The culture prevalent in the country is clearly visible in Antigua’s Sailing Week and Antigua’s International Food Fair.

Number of ethnic groups like mix, black, white and others inhabit this country. Mango is available in abundance here and a complete festival is dedicated to this sweet fruit. This festival is the Antigua and Barbuda Mango Festival. When you reach here, you won’t find language to be a problem. It is because English is the official language and multiple local languages are also spoken here. The major city, St. John is also the capital city of Antigua and Barbuda. The Creole culture is prevalent in these islands. Antiguan and Barbudan accents of English slightly differ from each other.

Facts And Figure

Area: Antigua: 281 km; Barbuda- 161 km

Capital: St. John

Climate: Tropical Maritime

Population: 87,774 (as per Census 2011)

Airport: V.C. Bird International Airport

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