Antigua and Barbuda

Following much contemplation, my family decided with mutual consensus to head for a vacation in Antigua and Barbuda, the beautiful Caribbean Island. Every family member has special affinity for nature and its beauty and this was the reason why this place abundant with mesmerizing natural beauty was selected.

About the Antigua and Barbuda

These islands are two most popular and leading tourist destinations in the Caribbean Islands. The place has plenty to offer for nature lovers. The mesmerizing beauty, coral reef wall, vast yet safe harbor line and more are the vivid examples. Antigua is the tourism and business hub while Barbuda, an underdeveloped island houses not so big yet elite resorts and a frigate bird sanctuary.

Major Attractions

Whether you wish to go out and enjoy your day with multiple activities, sightseeing or engaging in adventure sports or just wish to do nothing and relax and unwind, Antigua and Barbuda holidays will be memorable for you. This is simply because there are beaches where you can lie down, relax and do nothing. Shopping, nightlife, adventure sports and games etc. let you spend the day enjoying and being active. If you wish to do everything that the place offers and explore all the places worth seeing then you will have to either extend your vacations or plan for a longer holiday.

a beautiful private beach with houses

Number of places worth visiting, nightlife, activities and other attractions of the place make it captivating and preferred tourist destination among Caribbean Islands. There are land, water and excursion activities to be done here. The land activities include cricket, golf, riding and tennis etc. enjoy fishing, boating, diving, kayaking, windsurfing and more. If you are an adventurous person, you can opt for scenic tours Antigua, day cruise, estate safari tour, sailing cruises and other similar ones. Enjoy the activity according to your preference.

Some of the places worth visiting are Shirley Heights, Sea View Farm Village, Harmony Hall Art Gallery and Museum of Antigua and Barbuda among others. When you are at Shirley Heights, you will have a clear and mesmerizing view of English Harbor from the heights. This place is the assortment of military buildings. Get a view of the cottage industry in the Sea View Farm Village. This is the main place where folk pottery is manufactured and can be bought from the outskirts of this place. The ancient and traditional Antiguan art can be witnessed clearly here in the Harmony Hall Art Gallery. Multiple art and crafts sample are at display here in the exhibitions organized in November. You get to know the history of Antigua and Barbuda right from its inception till the present day in the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda.

seaside walk

Not just this, there are several beaches on the east, south, southwest and northwest coasts of Antigua. There are 365 beaches here, which open plethora of exploring options. Beaches in Barbuda are having white and pink sand. These are stretched uninterruptedly for 10 miles on the southwestern shore. The beaches on eastern shore face the Atlantic and are equally inviting and fascinating.

Shopping at Antigua and Barbuda is something in which Antigua excels. The goods you will see in the shops here are imported from England. Wool-spun items, jewelry, linens, liquor, china and perfume are some of the major duty-free goods available. For people who prefer shopping for local goods, the artisans of the place have a lot to offer that includes hand-printed fabrics, shell curios, batik, pottery and more. Women will love this place a lot as number of fine jewelry pieces crafted from rare stones are easily available along with advice from gemologists available. St. John, Jolly Harbor and English Harbor are the places where you can go shopping.

Party animals and frequent visitors to night clubs and discotheques have a nice time here in twin islands. The happening nightlife Antigua and Barbuda gets attractive and enjoyable with endless dancing and amazing crowd. Rocking and groovy music, unperturbed lounge-style evenings, delicious eateries and occasionally organized theme parties are the attractions of the night clubs. If you wish to enjoy the theme parties or fashion shows that the night clubs organize, have a look at that club’s calendar. And, for this you have to make bookings in advance as only limited people are allowed in theme parties, fashion shows and other celebrations.

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