Anguilla Vacation and Weather


One must plan to visit this island by flight. Flight fares are standard and not charged higher. To develop this tourism industry, Government bodies are trying hard to give you a better and cheaper way of travelling.

There are actually two ways to reach this island. One is from San Juan, Puerto Rico or through the easiest way of from St. Maarten. From this island St. Maaten takes just eight minutes. The best of the thing is that one takes the ride on personal chartered flights to reach this island.

From San Juan, there are daily two flights to reach Anguilla. In the organization has placed this destination as their own destination to reach every day.

For sightseeing and other trips, one can surely have the best of transportation in Anguilla. There are bus service, boats and private cars to reach anywhere on this island. More important, as there is no taxation from the Government, things and services are available here in very low cost and fare. The entire cost of your tour will cut down to a very low amount very soon. The best thing is it is you travel but your expenditure are not those higher.

Best Time to Visit this place:

Climate of this island is quite like other Caribbean island. It’s tropical at the same time very comfortable to reach. Travelling through this is really something good and better at any time of the year. But, the month of October to April is the best time as the temperature on this island then goes down and people find a pleasant weather prevailing all over this island. So, no need to wait for the best time to travel Anguilla, just choose any month and plan your holiday.

Tips to Travel:

Though crime rate is very low in Anguilla, there are many things that you need to take care of. The very first thing is that you should take care of the belongings you have.  Try keeping them in locked rooms and or places. Never ever try to walk alone anywhere on this island. It may turn onto a problem.

The one and only police station is there in The Valley, it will take few minutes to reach there. In case of any problem or complain, one can surely have the help and aid of the police. But, it would be problematic for you if you begin making everything and anything at your wish.

 Health Tips:

Try carrying medicines and water everywhere you go, you have to make sure that you have proper medicine whenever you feel to take one for you.


Climate in Anguilla is quite like any other tropical island. Temperature is pretty good and one can visit this place anytime year round.

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