Anguilla is a Caribbean island dominated by the UK. UK has the got the responsibility of protecting this state with military force, though no garrison or military marching are seen in this island.  It’s a peaceful, isolated gift from nature to bring you far away from your mundane daily life. Once you reach there, you will be able to feel this from the very bottom of your heart. This island is lying in between Puerto Rico and the Virgin Island.  It’s a simply small island to give you the sensation of visiting a tropical country.

About The Island:

This UK overseas territory is a favorite tourist’s destination. It will give you everything possible for change in the mood of travelers. It has as small as 13,500 people as its total population. And it’s 26 Kms in length and 5kms in widest range of it. The biggest part of it is this island is the unconventional offerings of this trip.


a beach in Anguilla

There is no permanent population of this island and it’s the biggest one among the other groups of island with it. There are many things that you have to careful. As, no locals are there on this island, the rate of crimes is higher. The worst part of taking risk during this trip is no proper administration is there. The capital city of the island is The Valley. It attracts many tourist of budgeted tour every year. But, the most important thing is that one gets the best of the experiences ever on this particular island. Anguilla destinations are few yet they are mesmerizing. Try to stay a sufficient days to visit all the corners and adventures in Anguilla.

Major Attractions:

As already it’s known that this island is small, there are few very small places to visit.  Tourist destinations in Anguilla are- The Valley – the capital, Blowing Point, Island Harbour, Sandy Ground, West End Village and East End Village.  Very little info you will get about these places, but they are safe. It would be a great idea if you make your Puerto Rico trip mingled with this. The best thing is that you get a different flair of touring in here in this very particular island.

All the destinations here are villages. The Valley is a village and the capital of the Island State. The most wonderful thing here is that people are not taxed here. Even, corporation offices are run their businesses without paying a single penny to the Government. It’s rule in this island.

a boat turned into bar on the beach

Apart from the main destinations, there are a host of other destinations to. But, ultimately, it comes to your choice where to go and how to go. It will give you the best of the services ever and you will surely enjoy this.  The biggest gift that you get a land beautified by nature is far from pollution.

Visiting Anguilla may not a life time experience but, the memory one earns from here is something unparallel.  Try planning in the right possible way. It will give you the best of the scope to travel in the minimum possible budget.  Plan to visit this island as an addition to your main tour. It will revamp your idea for better work and knowledge.  The best thing about this particular thing is that you have to take much care of your plan and budget too. No night life or shopping malls are there on this Island.

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