American Samoa Vacation and weather


A valid passport along with visa is needed to enter this island. Though, US nationals, US citizens, Canadian, Australian, citizen of UK can help you to spend your holiday in American Samoa freely. The restrictions are for the inhabitants from the other part of the world. The best thing is you get a visa and then plan for the visit in detail. A beforehand planning may disappoint you is you get no permit to travel through this island.

There is only one International Airport in Pago Pago. It’s known as the Tafuna International Airport. It has long active runways. Flights to American Samoa are limited in number. You have to plan out your schedule properly and rightly. Try knowing the availability of these flights. Even, no direct flight services are available. One needs to get through availability of international flights from source to the destinations. Then booking flights tickets will be much better and your planning will go sound.

To get the right scope to travel across this island you have got flights in huge numbers. Even, there are many bus services in American Samoa to reach your destination safe and comfortable. The best thing is that you get the discounted prices if you are booking your tickets timely and at the right moment.

Best Time to Travel:

The Best time of the year to travel American Samoa is from November to April. Then a very soothing atmosphere prevails in this island. As, this island has got a very hot and humid weather and climate year round, you get a chance to roam freely only when you have got the best of the time to visit here. Choose the right time and try vesting all the must see places here.

Safety Tips for Tourists:

Crime rate in this island is much lower. But, troubles are unpredictable and it never appears with a prior notice. While your tour try to sticking to gang of people. Try avoiding lonely places. During any of the adventurous, try following the rules and advice of the instructor. If you are swimming, don’t go too far from the crowds as tide of higher length comes very frequently.

Health Tips:

Disease in American Samoa is reported every year as dengue fever. There are many other diseases but dengue is the predominant one. Another concern for tourists is dog bite. Street dogs are many and few of them belong to any particular owner. They tend to bite but the only measure that can be taken is nothing but the a rock or a piece of stone. Local people suggest that one just need to pretend to bend down and get a stone to throw at them. It will make the scare and one gets safety from their bite.

Essential medicines are needed to taken with your. No medicines are available on the outskirt of the place. Only a medical service center is there but it has now a ruinous condition. Try carrying those necessary medicines for you. Aspirin, cold and cough, anti-diarrhea, sun screen and so on are the needed medicines; you may carry them with you.


The weather or climate in American Samoa is very much tropical. Through from November to April, there are some wintry breeze flows through this island. It will help one in getting the best of time to visit this island. As population is less, pollution is too controlled. The best thing here is that you get affordable food at the very beginning of winter.

Try visiting this city in the very best weather. It will a grand experience for life time.

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