American Samoa Food and Culture

It’s a small island and is a part of the US. Naturally, the influence from US is highly prominent in here. American Samoan eateries restaurants on the outskirt of the island offer very few items. But, hotels and resorts that have a restaurants or eatery facility offer you much variety. You get the best of the eateries with a hotel here.  Foods like American, Japanese, Chinese and Polynesian are there on the menu. It helps every one of them. Try getting the best of the hotels and food at your hand.

For water, one needs to be very careful. Tap waters in American Samoa are not at all drinkable. Even, the risk of diseases and infections are always there. Bottled water are found everywhere in this island. Especially, they are shops that deal in bottled water. Carrying a bottle to everywhere you go is something very healthy and idea.

Drinks are offered within the premises of a hotel or resorts. Outside, it’s not available and at the same time, it is not permissible.


The atmosphere and weather in American Samoan island is absolutely like the main land US. But, in dressing sense and all, it differs a little bit. During your stay you will get sense of staying in America itself. It will not matter to you if you are habituated with American culture to stay here in this particular stage.

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