American Samoa

A Small yet Soothing Island

On the South Pacific Ocean, American Samoa is an unincorporated island of the U.S. Law and order in this island governed and controlled by the US but, it’s not a part of the US proper. It has occupied only 199 sq km of land which is bit bigger than the State of Washington D.C. The biggest and capital city of this state is Pago Pago. It has one and only International Airport. Being a small island, it offers peace of mind and serenity of living in this island. According to the 2006 census, its population is 55,519. Many people get confused that Samoa and American Samoa are the same places. But, it’s practically not that real. Samoa is located to the west of this island and is altogether a different country altogether.

American Samoa is laid between Hawaii and New Zealand. A tropical country has all the colors of life and nature. The inhabitant of this island has got the right to travel to mainland US without any visa or green card. They can go to US mainland and can stay or work there without any visa. The best time to stay in  American Samoa is during the soothing monsoon.

Major Attractions:

Being a small island, American Samoa top destinations are few too. But, these small numbers of place have grandeur. The must see places here are described in nutshell.

Mount Alava: This place is well-known for many adventurous activities. There are many things; among which diving, snorkeling an many others are there on the list. It allows one to walk for 3miles to the summit to have a good glimpse of the island and harbor.

Tisa’s Barefoot Bar: Enjoying in the sunny beach with a drink is a perfect set for many. If your are among one of them, you can have the best of the enjoyment here being barefooted. Sea coast and beer will renew your energy and you vitality.

Cloud Rainforest to Reef Hike: This is a maintained park by the US Park services. This will give proper run and walk throughout this rain forest. The best of part of it is no charge roaming here and there and to be witness of some of the breath taking scenes and sounds of the forest. Get a camera with you while traveling through this park.

Jean P. Haydon Museum:

This building was set up for warfare during the World War Second. But, now its devoted to the Museum of the Samoan artifacts and handicrafts. A place with historical background is always a place to rejoice and knowledge. Get a view of it to know more about this island and the history and culture of this place.


Pago Pago Tradewinds Tours : Day Tours: Being the capital city and the biggest island, this place has something for everyone. You can say it is the best place in this island is this. You will come in contact with most of the local inhabitants here. A runway or walk way tour is a best plan for this place.

Never miss out any of these places. If you have a tour planner near hand, plan it out in advance. If you have the idea of roaming throughout this island on your own, then planning to visit every place is a must.
Try booking your air tickets to American Samoa as soon as possible. It will give you two things, lower rate of tariff and a security while traveling.

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